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PoshSnob Multifunctional Face Mask Scarf "Lady Barouque"


Multi-functional luxury face mask scarf lined with soft brush fleece. Use as protective face covering while outside, then unhook the ear loops to rock as a fashion scarf once inside. This silky sateen face covering is dust proof and super skin friendly. The Luxurious sateen fabric gives this face covering a flawless classy look. Stay fashionable while staying safe and keeping your face warm. The super soft fleece lining is super light so you can breathe easily while wearing the mask covering. Comes with Adjustable ear loops to make sure you get a comfortable fit, and snap closure around the neck to ensure your face mask scarf stay securely in place.  Comes in very posh prints so you look like the diva you are while protecting yourself. 


  • Measures: 12" nose to chest and 24" shoulder to shoulder (when laid flat)
  • Adjustable elastic Ear Loops
  • secure neck snap closure
  • soft brush fleece kines
  • silky luxury sateen fabric


Posh Snob Products have been photographed to accurately portray true color. Colors may vary with actual product depending on resolution of your computer screen.

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