PoshSnob Petites Mid-Rise "Black Tie" Cheeky Leggings

PoshSnob Petites Mid-Rise "Black Tie" Cheeky Leggings

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Perfect Black Leggings to give you a sleek cheeky look. Mid-rise style with a cheeky back and attached waist tie. This leggings is made of a sleek smooth polyester/spandex blend. These leggings are thick and stretchy. Available in size  S-M. These pants have a 3" mid rise waist band with attached wrap tie. 



Posh Snob Products have been photographed to accurately portray true color. Colors may vary with actual product depending on resolution of your computer screen.

  • About PoshSnob Leggings

    • LOUNGE: Lounge leggings are lightweight leggings created for lounging and relaxing. Lounge leggings are not ideal for heavy  exercise or activities, however they are usually suitable for yoga and  basic stretching. Lounge leggings are usually made of a lightweight material for maximum stretch and comfort.
    • ACTIVE: Active leggings are most suitable for active environments, usually made with a spandex blend and no thick linings. Active leggings usually have a medium to firm hold. A can run small
    • ATHLEISURE: These leggings are a made for mid-active environments. Most suitable for daily errands and walking. Made usually out of a light spandex and light fleece lining. Leggings are suitable for light active style exercising such as yoga and indoor cycling.
    • WINTER: Winter leggings are ultra thick. Winter leggings usually have a thick French terry or wicking fleece interior. Winter leggings are usually made out of a thick cotton blend.
    • FIT: PoshSnob Sizing is cut based upon the stretch. Remember the thicker a legging “viscosity” the less it will stretch. The thicker the Leggings the wider it is cut to make bigger sizes. A LOUNGE legging size “L” may be cut slimmer than an ACTIVE size “L”.
    • DENIM: Denim leggings are made of a cotton stretch denim. Denim designs are printed on the leggings. Denim leggings are seamless. Denim leggings are made for casual wear. 
    • CLUB WEAR: Club wear leggings are made for stylish cheeky nights out on the town.